This is the shortest journal I plan to write, aside from the few days when I did not write at all!
    I am nearing the end of this trip to Antarctica, and I am pretty busy with all the last minute items on my ever-growing "To Do" list. The DOM team arrived at Crary Lab to a completely empty lab space and somehow or other filled up shelves, drawers, counters, fridges, and freezers with countless science tools and pieces of equipment. By the time we leave, the lab must look as it did on our first day here- with no sign of the DOM team, except the project number on the door. There are items to pack into storage that need to remain warm over the cold Antarctic winter and others to box up and place in a huge cardboard container outside. The samples need inventorying and careful packing to get ready for their trip back to the States. There are meetings to attend and friends to say "see you later" to.
    There is also one big, huge, exciting, event before I leave the Ice- my second and final PolarTREC webinar! Have you registered? If you have not, please do so by clicking here and following the instructions. It is very easy to register and to set your computer up for this spectacular event. Then all you need to do is read up on a few of my past journals, and on January 6th- this Wednesday- follow the directions to log on to the webinar at 10 am PST. Collin, Mike, and Heidi are joining me from Antarctica and Christine is sharing from her home in Bozeman, MT. During the webinar, you will hear my voice, as well as the voices of my team and the wonderful people at the PolarTREC office and see slides about the science and culture the DOM team encountered in Antarctica. There are opportunities for you to ask us questions via the phone, Voice over IP, or on a chat.
    Please join me in this webinar. I so look forward to seeing the names of all who register and to answering all your questions. Really, this trip was as much for you as it was for me. Without the support and enthusiasm of my readers I know my experiences could not be as impactful, memorable, and delightful as they are.
    Thanks. I look forward to talking with you on the 6th!

    Hello You!
    Join my webinar on the 6th, okay!

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