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Why is it odd that camp members kept seeing a penguin in their camp? It's on the ice, isn't it? Oh, penguins don't live in the north! They live in Antarctica! First Sighting in dining room Penguin hangs out with drilling buddies

Penguin on Piston BullyNot much help with clearing the skiway

Penguin on SkidooNo driving around for fun in camp,sorry!

Penguin on Nanson SledWaiting to be pulled!

Penguin waiting for the bathroomNeeds to hurry in!

Penguin Hangs Out with FriendsLou and Sarah like the penguin!

Penguin thanks JP for letting her comeJP had to constantly answer a lot of questions

Penguin's going home!Hope the plane heads south...

Penguin Meets LoadmasterNice guard members staff the camp flights