After two nights of sleeping in the very cold girls’ tent, JP and Sarah suggested I move to a smaller, warmer tent. This tent had a portable radiator heater in it for Princess Victoria when she spent the night a few days ago. I was feeling a little wimpy about this until I entered the tent. What a difference! Who cares about being a wimp? The temperature had to be 20 degrees warmer! 

My New Home
Smaller and slightly heated!

One noticeable difference was that my water bottle was not an ice block when I woke up. So it was above freezing in this new tent! I still slept in most of my clothes, my hat and my sleeping mask. It doesn’t matter where you sleep, what time it is or what the weather is, it is still very bright because of the snow’s reflection. The mask really makes you think it is dark out when you are trying to sleep.

Yes, this the tent of Crown Princess Victoria
Can you read my small sign? This was all the paper I had!

The worst time of the day is getting out of your sleeping bag. Some people here have told me they put their clean clothes for the next day in the sleeping bag so they will be warm. I don’t like lumps in my bag so I just put them close by. It is best to try to dress as much as possible in your bag and then jump out and dress quickly. Once that is over, the rest of the day seems warm!

Weather Summary
Cloudy and blowing snow
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