Thursday was a very full day of attaching temperature data loggers to rope with clinch ties, cleaning the funnels and baffles of the sediment traps, measuring the lines from buoy to rock anchor and placing the correct trap at the correct site in Linnevatnet. I spent much of the day concentrating on the data loggers and measuring and recording trap lengths. I also helped to deploy a few traps. Once again, hanging over the side of the boat, having just muscled the large rock anchor over the side, and attaching the traps to the rope in the icy water. The traps cannot be attached on land because they would get caught on the boom that helps us deploy the rope. The data loggers are small and rugged enough to slip over the pulley. I enjoyed the work and it gets much easier after your hands and arms go numb. The trick is not to drop the pliers held in frozen fingers or especially the sediment trap your working on. They do not float and loosing the trap would be bad.

    This work took the whole day as we always have to account for our boat ride back to the north shore and our hike back to camp.  We got to Isfjord Radio Station at about 7 pm.  We had a big dinner and worked on our respective projects into the evening.  We all wanted to get plenty of rest because Friday was a planned hike all the way up to the glacier.  This is a big hike carrying lots of gear and I was looking forward to it as Steve and I went earlier in the week and had a good day.