Matt & Cheryl1

    All my bags are packed. I'm ready to go. I am 48 hours away from leaving to Svalbard. I have taken some time to enjoy the beauty of my local bioregion, drank in some sunsets, spent some time on our beautiful and plentiful lakes and otherwise enjoyed this home that is Maine. I am blessed to leave one beautiful land to visit another and I hope I learn much about Arctic climate change, but also learn to appreciate this land that I live and work on. So many people have expressed their excitment to me about my trip and I hope to bring back as much infromation, pictures and experiences as I can. As a student of Environmental Science, I also get many questions about the changing world that so many people see happening before their eyes. It is my hope that this expedition can help me understand and convey to my friends, students and collegues the dynamic processes that drive climate change. A huge task, but one I am eager to begin. Next post will be from Norway!

    KH Sunsetresize