We made an amphibious landing onto the beach in Barrow, the northern most United States city. Barrow is located on the North Slope of Alaska in the tundra (a treeless plain). The community is traditionally known as Ukpeagvik, “place where snowy owls are hunted.”

    Barge on the Beach

    Welcome to Barrow
    Welcome to Barrow


    Cotton Grass
    Cotton Grass


    Today August 16th, we fly from Barrow to Anchorage, the largest city north of the 60th parallel. Since we had most of today to spend in town, we walked on a trail. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is a walking and bike path that starts near 4th street. At one time there was a 1st through 3rd street, but during a 1964 earthquake that area was lost in a landslide. We actually started our walk on the trail near the relocated Oscar Anderson Home, built in 1915 during the "Tent City" era. At one point the trail goes under some railroad tracks and continues by Margaret Egan Sullivan Park. Our destination was Earthquake Park, but since I was in Ranger multipurpose boots and they were rubbing my big toe, the trip was cut short. Why was I wearing Ranger boots? Well my favorite worn pair of hiking boot's came apart at the sole! And yes, I glued them several times on the ship until I decided to leave the repair to the professionals. I was thankful I had another pair of boots.

    Oscar Anderson House

    Margaret Egan Sullivan Park There is an island in the middle of the pond.

    Ducks Feeding

    Bright colored mushrooms are poisonous.

    The flight from Anchorage to Dallas is almost 6 hours. Other flights were not as fortunate as ours to take off as scheduled; due to the fog some flights were grounded. Part of our group flying on a different airline had to wait until 2 AM the next morning to leave. I was hoping to get a little rest on the trip to Dallas; unfortunately the father and son sitting next to me in a window and middle seat had bladders the size of humming birds. You got it! They made frequent trips to the back of the plane. By the time I arrived back in Corpus the next morning, I had been up for 25 hours. It is amazing how quickly I acclimated to the arctic temperatures...Corpus Christi felt unusually hot to me. I enjoyed my trip more than words can express, but I am glad to be home.

    Anchorage, Alaska
    Weather Summary
    Rain and Fog