Even though the science can sometimes last well into the evenings, we do have a bit of free time usually after dinner ends at 6:30pm. With sunset coming to these parts around 3:30pm, there is not much daylight to do things outside, but I have been lucky enough to take a few strolls around the backyard during the evenings and even got to snowshoe to the top of the glacier one night with my friend Jim.

top of glacier
I finally found the end of the walkable area of the glacier!

First tracks
First tracks in the snow on an evening stroll around the backyard.

On some Monday nights, if someone has a particular craft skill, they will have a workshop. I got to attend one about making jewelry with Sabrina and made a bunch of really cool looking necklaces and before I got there they did a screen print craft night. Every Tuesday night we have a science talk, I have seen one on the research I am working on with Dr. Amsler and one on the RASA machine that is part of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Band Treaty by Dr. Hosticka. Also, we have had the pleasure to listen to Mike Rice who worked on the Space Shuttle program for many years. It was interesting to see the evolution from concept to reality take shape within the program. The other nights we have books, movies, a pool table/ping pong table, darts, and great friendships to keep us busy.

DVD library
DVD library.

Pool Table
Pool table.

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Melissa Lau

Waiting for snow to melt creates some down time for vegetation projects! I've been lucky to go out with other groups. Have you had a chance to see what other people are "science-ing" out there?