Students will review charts of day length to determine when the sun will set at Toolik Lake.


Students will learn the following:

* The sun is the major source of energy for phenomena on the earth's surface, such as growth of plants, winds, ocean currents, and the water cycle.
* Seasons result from variations in the

About 1 period
Middle School and Up
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Article from The Shorthorn - University of Texas at Arlington's student newspaper detailing PI Laura Gough's participation in a PolarTREC Live from IPY! Event. Laura is working with PolarTREC teacher Cathy Campbell at Toolik Station, Alaska this summer.

All Aged

Live from IPY event with PolarTREC teacher Cathy Campbell and researchers, Donie Bret-Harte, Laura Gough, and John Moore. The group called in from Toolik Field Station, Alaska to talk about the different research projects they are all involved in conducting about tundra ecology at the field station.