Kusawa Lake, Yukon
Kusawa Lake, Yukon


The Yukon Territory is vaste and relatively un-peopled, by city standards. The land, lakes and mountains engulf my senses, with miles going by without seeing settlements. What must this place look like in winter?

The BIg Yukon
The BIg Yukon


Kluane National Park covers over 220,000 hectares with 80% covered in snow and ice all year! With 2000 glaciers, Kluane is surrounded by the U.S. National Park, St. Elias-Wrangell. Together these two parks help protect habitat for rare and endangered species like the Dall Sheep.

Dall Sheep
Dall Sheep From Afar

Cooperation to Preserve

Because of the profound beauty and quality of this wilderness and the efforts and cooperation of First Nations and Governments, this two park systems together were recently named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Kathleen Lake
Hike up to Kathleen Lake
Auriole Hike
Auriole Hike

Animal of the Day

Snow Shoe Hare - Notice his really big back feet?

Snow Shoe Hare
BIg Hind Legs

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