I thought I was going to die!!! The hike today brought us from the heath zone into the moirlands zone. The vegetation continues to change as we gain altitude. From the Shira Plateau we slowly worked out way up the ridge and onto one of the lava flow areas that have since been glaciated and cleared. When we began this morning the peak of the mountain looked untouchable, but by the end of our hike it is amazing to see how far we have come and how much closer our goal is. We still have a long way to go and more elevation to encounter!

    During our one stop to collect water samples and take cloud readings, two of the scientists pulled out several pieces of obsidian they had picked up along the way. Both of the researchers are working in the field of Botany, so I had a good opportunity to talk to them about the sample they had found. I explained to them about how this type of rock forms and what gives it the glassy luster. We shared some good information with the group talked about other rocks.

    Everyone has been fantastic! The porters and guides are wonderful people and very good at their jobs. They sing and greet us at every turn. It was Andy's birthday today and when we arrived in camp the porters picked him up singing and carrying him around. We all jumped into a big circle and joined in with the celebration!

    I am now sitting in the mess tent at the Moir Camp (13,600ft) with the camera crew writing this post and relaxing from the day. We have no internet connection again today so I am trying to get these written ahead.