This is one of the quizzes that I mentioned before I left school. As part of your grade I will need you to post your answers to me by April 14th! There will be no credit after that day. This is for all of my sixth and seventh grade science classes. Please make sure to number the answers with your response. Also, please make the title of your response; Quiz #1 followed by your name and period. All of the answers are in the journals, so all you need to do is read through them and look at the photos and videos. I have used some pictures here that do not appear in the other journals, but you should be able to make the connection from the text.
The first student from each class that scores 100% on their first try, will receive their award when I return. I plan on announcing the winners at our PolarConnect Event on the 16th. GOOD LUCK!

Question 1. What is this building?

Quiz question 1
This is a beautiful building!

Question 2. What is the official name of the mountain in the background?

Quiz question 2
Wow, look at that mountain in the background!

Question 3. What am I measuring with the long probe?

Quiz question 3
What is Mr. Wood measuring?

Question 4. How old is this dog?

Quiz Question 4
Isn't she a cute dog!

Question 5. What is the name of our buddy instrument?

Quiz Questio 5
Who is this?

Question 6. Why is this refrigerator taped shut?

Quiz Question 6
Nice tape on the frig!

Question 7. What city am I getting ready to land at?

Quiz Question 7
Looks like a cold swim!

Question 8. Does this graph show photosynthesis or respiration? How do you know?

Quiz Question 8
Nice graph!

Question 9. Name both dogs.

Quiz Question 9
The dogs are great!

Question 10. What is my favorite grocery store in Fairbanks?

Quiz Question 10
That's my store!

Question 11. What kind of lakes have been formed from the river?

Quiz Question 11
The river has formed lakes.

Question 12. Which dog sled race, that begins in Fairbanks, does this painting show?

Quiz Question 12
Let's go for a dog sled race!

Question 13. What is this instruments name and what is it’s job?

Quiz Question 13
It's so cute!

Question 14. What feature near the lake is this photo showing?

Quiz Question 14
Look at the sinking area!

Question 15. Which side of the fence is the leeward side, right or left?

Quiz Question 15
Nice fence!

  1. How many times has Tommy T-Bird appeared in the journals so far?

That is the end!!!

I hope you took your time and thought about your answers!!!!