What a week! Most everyone at ARCUS is off in Washington D.C. at the Arctic Forum. The office is REALLY quiet – just three of us here now – clicking away at our computer keyboards and answering the phone. This morning we hosted a Live from IPY! event with Jo Dodds and Mary Albert in Summit, Greenland. Despite some technical difficulties – all went well and the presentation was awesome! Way to go Jo!

    Preparing for live events
    ARCUS Staff, Tina and Kristin, prepare for a Live from IPY! event with the Healy.

    ARCUS Staff, Tina and Kristin, preparing for a Live from IPY! event

    Anyway, now that the event is complete – I need to focus on preparing to leave this Thursday for the Bering Sea. (Is that really only two days away!?) I will be boarding the icebreaker Healy for one week and working with researchers on the ship and learning what it is REALLY like to be a PolarTREC participant from the field. Until now, I haven’t even had time to think about getting ready or going on this grand adventure! I do have plane tickets – I will be flying from Fairbanks to Nome and then to Gambell – a small community on St. Lawrence Island. And, I have some gear – namely my REQUIRED pair of steel-toed, x-tuff rubber boots…but that is all I have done. As for planning and figuring out what I’m going to blog while I’m on the Healy…well, you’ll just have to stay tuned