Did I mention that things change quickly in the Arctic? During my month at Toolik Field Station, Toolik Lake transitioned from almost completely frozen (with researchers walking on the ice) to almost completely thawed (with researchers boating on the water and people doing polar plunges). From June 1 through June 28, I took a photo of the lake from the same spot each day to track the progress of the melting ice and I put them together into a quick video to show the thawing of Toolik Lake.


    In another example of how quickly things change in the Arctic, check out these pictures. All of them were taken near the Atigun River research site. The top was taken in late April, the middle was taken in early June, and the bottom was taken in late June.

    Tundra transformation
    The Arctic tundra transforms from a winter wonderland to a verdant green landscape very quickly.

    Toolik Field Station



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