On evenings after work and dinner, we have gone on some great adventures. One night we went to a place called the aufeis (Pronounced auf ice). This is a German word for the ice left from winter where a river freezes, then floods over the frozen area again and again. After continuous freeze and flood cycles, the ice layers build up in a river bottom. In places, this aufeis persists through the summer. On exploring this strange phenomenon, we found a surreal landscape of water and ice. The midnight sun created magic light for shadows and illumination.

Midnight Shadows
Midnight shadows on the aufeis

the ice forms when the river continuously floods and freezes.

Many wildflowers are starting to bloom

Equisetum or snake grass

On a couple of nights, we explored the lake by canoe. The frozen lake ice is well on its way to breaking up. As it does so, it forms "candle ice". These columnar lengths of ice created incredible patterns and textures on the lake surface. The gentle breeze jangled the candle sticks together creating music to the ears.
candle  ice class="standalone-image" />
Candle ice 2
The ice creates amazing textures and sounds.