Hey everyone...this is just to let you know that I'm home...exhausted but home. And, because I had confirmed reservations, I had no problems with flights on the east coast...except our flight from Philly was delayed because we didn't have a flight crew...and then it took them over 45 minutes to find the co-pilot.(I'm not sure how you "lose" a pilot for that long, but...)

    Many on both my Charlotte flight and Philly flight had been stuck in the airport since Friday. Even US Air flight crews had been stuck and likewise had no clue as to what was happening. Apparently, US Air's employee care is about as good as their customer care--non-existent as you can't get a hold of anyone when you need to. So all in all, I'm pretty fortunate to even be home.

    As I stated earlier, I will continue to journal and upload pictures/videos as I still have so much to share--including some of those 10 million images that SCINI took while on numerous missions under the ice. So, even though my expedition will no longer be uner "Current Expeditions", we can be ultimately be found under 2009's "Completed Expeditions" or you can search on this website using my last name.

    So, be looking for more in the days and weeks to come!!! If I don't get anything posted before the end of the week, have a very Merry Christmas!!!

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