While we've been busy mapping the continental shelf and doing CTDs,
we're a world away from everyone that is keeping busy back at home. My
co-workers at the Aquarium have been preparing for the upcoming Earth
Day and Bird Festival! I'll be there via the PolarConnect webinar, but
I'll miss the awesome in person activities this year (learn how to join
the fun below). In honor of the festival (and by popular request), here
are some Antarctic birds!

Southern Giant Petrel

Giant petrel
Southern giant petrel off the back deck of the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer. Photo by Dominique Richardson.

Greater Snowy Petrel

Snowy petrel
Greater snowy petrel flying around the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer. Photo by Dominique Richardson.

Antarctic and Cape Petrels

Antarctic petrel
Antarctic petrel circling the ship. Photo by David Porter.

Antarctic petrel
Antarctic petrel crossing the bow of the ship. Photo by Dominique Richardson.

Antarctic petrel
Antarctic petrel riding a draft by the ship. Photo by Dominique Richardson.

Petrel take off
Antarctic and cape petrels taking off from an ice floe. Photo by David Porter.


Wandering albatross
Wandering albatross circling the bridge deck. Photo by Alex Fraser.

Wandering albatross
A wandering albatross drafting behind the ship. Photos by Dominique Richardson.

And some penguins

Emperor penguins
Emperor penguins on an ice floe in East Antarctica. Photo by Dominique Richardson.

Adélie penguins swimming
Swimming Adélie penguins. Photo by Dominique Richardson

Join the Fun!


Join Chief Scientist Frank and I tomorrow, Saturday, April 18th for our
PolarConnect Webinar at 1pm Pacific DST [12pm Alaska DST; 2pm Mountain
DST; 3pm Central DST; 4pm Easter DST]!

We will be talking about the research we've been doing in East
Antarctica and what life is like on the research vessel. Then we’ll open
the talk up to answer your questions live.

You can join us online by registering at

Or if you are in Southern California, you can also head down to
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium to
participate in the webinar (1pm-2pm) from their John M. Olguin
Auditorium during their Earth Day Celbration and Bird Festival!

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Earth Day Festival

In addition to the PolarConnect webinar, there will fun, games, food,
drinks, and live music at the Aquarium too! They will be hosting a Beach
Clean-up (8am-10am) and then games, activities, displays and
demonstrations in the Aquarium courtyard(10am-3pm). Admission is free!

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is a facility of the City of Los Angeles
Department of Recreation and Parks with support from Friends of CMA.

Happy Earth Day!

An iceberg to the port of the ship. Photo by Dominique Richardson.