When do you think we’ll see our First Sea Ice?

Comment on this journal entry with the date and time, to the hour, that you think we’ll see our first sea ice. Don’t forget that I’m on Hobart, Australia time! Your comment will enter you into the contest. You can enter as a class, family or individually. The winner will get an awesome Southern Ocean Data keychain, generously provided by my mom. Be sure to get your entries in before we see our first sea ice.

Southern Ocean Keychain
Guess when we'll see our first sea ice for a chance to win this Southern Ocean Keychain.

Need a little help with the predictions? Here is a website called Sailwx that will show you were our ship is in almost real time. It’s updated about every 15-30 minutes or so.
Here’s an example: I think you’ll see your first sea ice on March 28, 2015 at 3pm!

Don’t forget to leave your name, and be sure to check back to see if you won!


As of right now the storm hasn’t hit us yet, but we’re scheduled to feel it in the next few hours. It’s currently growing larger to the south of us. We’re headed due west, parallel to the storm. The hope is that after it passes we’ll cut across behind it. It’s still going to be rough going for a while… possibly 20 foot swells. I’ll be back to post more if or when I’m not sea sick!


Jeff Peters

I'm guessing April 3, 9 AM

Jacob Partida

I think you'll reach your first sea ice on April 4th, 2015 at 1400 UTC. (Which is, I think, April 5th 0100 in your time zone, but your daylight savings time ends on April 5th so it would be 0000 I suppose.)
Good luck with the seasickness!


4/2/19 21:00

Alexandria Ric…

I think you'r first sea ice will be on April 7th at 11am

Diana Rankin

April 4 at 10 AM

Meghan McLaugh…

We guess you will see your first sea ice on April 6th at 0600. - Charlie and Teddy (marine tech Meredith's nephews)

R Brinker

I'm guessing 31 March.
Yesterday there was news story that the Antarctica peninsula (sorry, can't be more specific than that) reached the highest temperature ever recorded, 63F. Any news about this from your point of view?

Jessica Rangel

My son Thomas predicts April 1st at 1am

Dominique Richardson

Hi Regina! I'm happy to hear from you! Thanks for sharing the information. That's very interesting to hear. We haven't made it to
Antarctica yet, but it does sound like its in line with some of the
stuff we'll be looking at. I'll definitely let you know if we observe
anything related to this once we get down there.