5 December 2018 PolarTREC Polly

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I hope I can find her

I am so excited to actually meet P.P. I will be sure to check in with her. I am sure she has much gained knowledge, experience, and wisdom that I can gain from visiting with her.

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I know how to find her

As with all LEGO figures, the best way to find PolarTREC Polly is to walk around in the dark at night in your bare feet.

And that brings up a question I have: does the sun go down at night at McMurdo station? How much further south do you need to go before you get the never-setting sun in summer?

Also, how do time zones work in Antarctica? Is it just like the rest of the world, with the zones becoming increasingly narrow as you approach the south pole? I imagine that would be quite confusing when working near the south pole.


Gary, inside the Antarctic CIrcle the sun doesn't set in the "summer" here, so the next sunset here will be on February 20, 2019 01:46 AM! Both McMurdo (where I am) and South Pole Station (where I'll be on Saturday) is on New Zeland time (+18 hours). But, you are correct, in order to avoid the confusion of increasingly narrow time zones we just use one since it is daylight 24/7. I am looking forward to walking "around the world" at the pole, and stepping from today into yesterday into tomorrow at the pole.

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