1 December 2018 Ground Transportation and Ivan the Terra-Bus!

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I rode in some vehicles like

I rode in some vehicles like the PistonBuddy and Ivan the Terra Bus on the glaciers in Iceland. The very slow ride gives you lots of time to take pictures.


MK, Fun right? I'm pretty sure that we didn't exceed 15 mph in Ivan!

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the iconic Ivan

how big are the wheels and how tall is the bus and how many people can it hold and how much snow do you think it can go through.


Ivan is a huge passenger transport, 46' long, over 12' wide and 14' tall with tires that are almost 6' (feet) in diameter. It holds 56 passengers and it's engine holds 5 gallons (not quarts) of oil. Ivan's fuel tank holds 80 gallons of diesel fuel (66 Imperial gallons) and gets about 2 miles per gallon. That is a good question, I don't know how much snow it will go through.

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hi im a student from dansville middle school i was wondering how do they get the modes of transportation there?


Alex, Big things like these are usually brought in on big cargo ships that follow an icebreaker in when it is possible (usually some time in January).

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Does Ivan have heated fuel like the plane you took to get there ?


Camden, I don't think so, although all of the vehicle have plug-ins for an engine block heater and battery heaters when they are parked at a building to keep them from getting too cold.

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Location: Around town, McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Latitude: 77° 51' 0" S
Longitude: 166° 40' 0.12" E
Weather Summary: Snow with limited visability
Temperature: 22˚ F
Wind Chill: 15˚ F
Wind Speed: 6 knots (7 MPH)

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