On December 5, Cindy Dean, Environmental Education Compliance Coordinator at McMurdo came to Beacon Valley to film the drilling operation which will be included in a film on science in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica.

    Film Crew Setup
    The film crew sets up to interview the team. Dave Marchant and Cindy Dean are on the far right.

    Dave Marchant is interviewed by Cindy Dean
    Dave explains the significance of the research in Beacon Valley.

    Cindy conducted interviews with Dave and the team and observed the drilling and core retrieval process. Drilling at Site 4 was extremely productive and the team was able to reach a record of 28 m of mostly clean ice, with most segments being 50 cm in length.

    Dave labels the cores
    Dave Marchant labels and photographs the retrieved cores.

    The team moved to Site 5 on December 8, 2008. Site 5 is the location of one of the soil pits dug by Dave Marchant (See 22 November 2008 journal entry).

    Stay tuned to find out how the drill tested at Site 5.

    Beacon Valley Camp
    Weather Summary
    Clouds, visibility, windy with gusts up to 19 mph
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