Fairbanks in Ice
    Just a reminder of where we are...carved into the ice.

    Today was focused mainly on creating journals for the PolarTREC web site. I am really impressed with the ability of this year's PolarTREC teachers. I strongly encourage you to check out all of this year's participants. In particular, there are two PolarTREC teachers preparing to go out to the field in the next two weeks. Check out their expeditions by clicking the links below!

    Tom Lane

    Mark Buesing

    World Ice Art Championships

    In the evening, we went over to the World Ice Art Championships. The carvings are huge! They are beautiful works of art and I was especially pleased to see how many students were submitting entries in the competition. All in all, it was an incredibly fun night!

    Check out this dragon! Impressive.

    Ice Bear
    One of this year's PolarTREC teachers has had some encounters with bears already. Yikes!

    Probably my favorite sculpture from this year's competition. Can you identify the type of fish?

    This seahorse sculpture was carved by a high school student. They are very talented!

    Train station
    There are even building size sculptures including this train station!

    Fairbanks, Alaska
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