Event Type:
Conferences and Workshops
9 October 2017 to 11 October 2017
Hamburg, Germany

Organizers announce a call for registration for the Workshop on Improved Satellite Retrievals of Sea-ice Concentration and Sea-ice Thickness for Climate Applications. Experts on remote sensing and/or large-scale modeling are invited to discuss and outline the most promising opportunities and best practices in the use of existing and future satellite sensors for the remote sensing of sea-ice concentration and thickness, and the use of such data in large-scale modeling applications.

Financial support may be available for the travel and accommodation costs of some workshop participants. Contact workshop organizers for further details.

For more information about the workshop, including the tentative agenda, and to register, please go to the link above.

For questions, contact:

Stefan Kern
Email: stefan.kern [at] uni-hamburg.de

Dirk Notz
Email: dirk.notz [at] mpimet.mpg.de

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