PolarTREC Program Update

After wrapping up several Arctic expeditions this summer, we are excited to announce that we are able to support the 2020 selected educators on their PolarTREC expeditions to Antarctica starting this fall of 2022. We hope you will join us virtually by reading journals, posting comments, participating in live events from the field, and learning more about the polar regions! We expect one additional NSF-funded Arctic PolarTREC educator to deploy on their expedition in 2023, after which the PolarTREC funding and grant will end. ARCUS will, however, continue to be actively engaged in education-research collaborations; building community; sharing successes; and supporting alumni, teachers, researchers, and the broader community. Join the [Polar Education List](https://www.arcus.org/mailing-lists) and follow us on social media to continue to stay connected and learn about new resources, opportunities, and activities.

Casey O'Hara IceCube Overview