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Vigre: regarding Thursday's webcast
It looks like the next webcast on Wed is at 12:30 PDT according the website. Is that correct? If so, by the time it gets going it is the transition to elective. They have already missed one elective so we will see how that goes. I know band is out as they are practicing marching for a parade. If there is any information around density, volume, properties of matter...as we are in the thick of these discussions that would be fun.

Hello, The next webinar with Maggie and Robyn from the Healy is at 11:30 a.m. PDT on Thursday May 10. Hope you can join at that time!

Next Live from IPY Event...

Hello!!  The next IPY event will be THURSDAY, MAY 10TH at 11:30 PDT (10:30ADT)...so this should be right after lunch time for 2nd period.


The focus will be on marine mammals this time...seals, walrus, etc.  Perhaps they can come up with some questions about the density or volume of a walrus? :)  


We do use lots of math on the ship- there are lots of computer programs running that use math, along with calculations being made about every aspect of the research being conducted on the ship.  Perhaps you can ask that question of the marine mammal team this Thursday...that would be interesting to find out how they use math in their research...because I bet even they use math!!


Talk to you all Thursday!