Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 05/03/2007 - 10:47

Katy- I predict that the cups will broken in pieces because of the pressure around the basket.

 Forest- The cups disintegrate into a mushy substance the same color as the writing on the cup because the cups became wet with pressure on them.  The marker washed through the styrofoam.

Lianne: I predict  the cups will fall apart or freeze because the water would freeze the cups and they would crack from the ice built up from them.

Brandon C:  The ink would smear and wash away.  The cup would crack under the pressure of the water.

Emily Davenport

These are great hypotheses...does anyone else have any other guesses as to what happened to the cups?  I will say a couple things:  
1. The markers I used were permanent markers, so they did not wash away or smear.  
2.  They were sent down in an area where there was no ice, so the water was not cold enough to freeze the cups
Keep the hypotheses coming!! :)