Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 04/18/2007 - 13:58

Hi Emily How are You?

Do  you want to see the walruses?

Are walruses dangerous?

Hopefully you get to see polar bears!!

Have any of the people on the boat had to go on the ice for polar bear wath?

Have you went on the ice?

Well I miss you and I look forward to having you back in our classroom!!!



    Shorty/Hunter Sexton 


Emily Davenport

Hey there Hunter!  I posted a reply to this last week, but for some reason it didn't work, or got lost, so I'm trying again!  You should read my journal entry on walrus, and also check out the journal entry posted by Ms. Prevenas on walrus as well- she does a great job talking about walrus.  We did FINALLY get to see walrus.  They are not dangerous unless protecting their babies- this is common in most animals, don't you think?   Our helicopter team got to see 1 polar bear, and I've posted a picture of him, though he's hard to spot because of all the snow!!
 Each time we head out onto the ice there is someone on polar bear watch, just for safety's sake.  There is also a rescue diver on watch as well, to make sure we don't fall through the ice, and if we do he will help us get out of the VERY cold water.  I did get to go on the ice last week- check out that journal entry as well!!
Keep up the questions, and be sure to check out the other teacher's journals!!