After travelling with me on an expedition in 2016 aboard the deep sea drilling ship the JOIDES Resolution, SloMo, a sloth puppet, joined my 7th grade class.

SloMo during an evacuation drill aboard the JOIDES Resolution

He is a great addition to our team in my science class and allows my students to connect science to their everyday lives. It is also a lot of fun following his adventures.

SloMo's adventures

Old Faithful
Visiting Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park

Fellow Sloth
Meeting a fellow sloth at the San Antonio Aquarium

Snow in south Texas
Making a snow angel in south Texas

Lab work
Doing some lab work at Memorial Junior High

Dinosaur Bones!
Learning how to plaster a dinosaur leg bone at the DIG Field School in Montana

SloMo visits Fairbanks for PolarTREC Orientation

SloMo came along to orientation at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and he has been having a blast.

Eating Breakfast
The meals have been delicious at!

At work
The staff is so helpful and we are learning a lot during orientation

SloMo, we aren't in Texas anymore.
SloMo looking at a map at UAF

Coat rack
They have special places everywhere for use to hang our jackets

We got to see what gear is used in the field when it is REALLY cold.

Trying on the goggles
SloMo trying on the goggles at IARD

Wearing the jacket
SloMo trying on the jacket at IARC

There are many more adventures to come! Follow along with our journey to the Arctic tundra!
You can also follow SloMo on Instagram: @slomoluvsscience



love the picture of slomo with a actual sloth it is so cute


It must of been very fun!


Can't wait to see what SloMo discovers in the summer!!!!!

Ashlee Estrada

Wow, that's cool!

Emily Vazquez

Slomo has had very nice adventures i can bet that slomo loves to travel to different places.

Isabella Alcala

Were you the only teacher with a mascot?


SloMo travels to more places than I do.

Amanda Justo

How hot are the the hot springs.

Alejandra Martinez

Haha, no, and lets hope he stays out of trouble this time. Not like when the wind blew really hard and he fell in the hot spring at Yellowstone!

Larissa Sanchez

SloMo looks like he is having so much fun:)

nadia huerta

Why has Slomo been in more adventures than me.Wait ........I barely leave my house for school.

Carlos Longoria

Seems like another great adventure awaits SloMo!

John Moreno

I liked the picture with slomo in the dig field. I've always liked fossils.


SloMo has had many adventures:)


That must be a really fun experience.

Orlando Gonzalez

slomo has been to many trips,i have only been to 3. =(


SloMo looks amazing with his jacket:)

Jasmin Gonzalez

About how many degrees do you think it was at the hot springs?

Arianna Huerta

It looks like slomo is having so much fun.

Roy Garza

SloMo has gone on more adventures than I have!

Andrea Tamez

Slomo looks like he's having so much fun! He must've been so excited in this adventure!


Since most of the places you've traveled to were on a airplane. Were you nervous on your first ever trip out of Texas?

Airamy Martinez

What was Slomo's life preserver made of?

Valentina Guardiola

Were the sloths long nails sharp ?

Natalie Gomez

What encouraged you to get Slomo? and How did you get him?


How did they react to Slomo?

Dariella Davila

I'm glad that you and Slomo are having fun even when you are eating breakfast, especially when Slomo fell at Yellowstone National Park.

Alejandra Martinez

I took him on the JOIDES Resolution expedition for fun, and he kind of became our mascot. Then I brought him back to Memorial so he could be our class mascot. :)


Slomo looks like he's having a lot of fun!

David Walker

These SloMo photos are awesome! I look forward to following you (and him) on your adventures.

Amy Osborne

I have had so much fun meeting and hanging out with you and SloMo. What an adventurous sloth! I look forward to seeing and hearing about more of SloMo's adventures while he helps you with your vegetation studies in the Arctic!


Who are the people that responded to your journal,are they fellow scientist


The Hot Springs looks awesome !! And I want to visit Old Faithful .

Sophia Castillon

That is a lot of gear you have to wear.