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We had a great time at the Chena Hot Springs yesterday! We had a quick tour of the resort which is located over the geothermal hot springs. They had multiple facilities including a lodge, activities center, pool, and hot springs. Below are some photos of the resort.

Antique carAntique car at Chena Hot Springs Hydroponic tomatoesHydroponic tomato plants in greenhouse at Chena Hot Springs DucksDomesticated ducks in the geothermal pond at Chena Hot Springs ReindeerReindeer at Chena Hot Springs Rams headsMounted rams heads in the activities lodge at Chena Hot Springs


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Bridget Ward's picture

Bridget Ward said:

Great images from our field trip. What was your favorite part?
Kate Steeper's picture

Kate Steeper replied:

the boatload of food tour
Mark Goldner's picture

Mark Goldner said:

Nice photos! I'm looking forward to following your adventure!
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Regina Brinker said:

Timely article. I hear that a boatload of produce is grown at Chena.