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2019 PolarTREC Educator Fellow, this is a new title that I am still getting used to. Many thoughts have gone through my mind as I begin the amazing journey that will take me to the ends of the world. I cannot help the excitement that has reinvigorated my passion for teaching. The Arctic, a place that is wondrously different from the beautiful Chihuahuan desert that I call home. What will be the outcome of this adventure? How will I make the best of this experience personally & professionally?

Alaska, also known as the last frontier. Living in southern New Mexico is vastly different from where I am now. Last week, I was sitting at home in shorts & sandals, enjoying eighty-degree weather. Now, I find myself in Fairbanks, Alaska in winter gear and temperatures in the 30’s. The changes in scenery are astounding. From yuccas to boreal forests, all in the span of a couple of days.

MooseA moose on the side of the road during meal time.

Being at The International Arctic Research Center has set the perfect stage to begin my Arctic journey. Throughout the week I will be immersed in my expedition training. Many doubts and fears will be settled in my orientation. The experience has started off extremely positive and compelling. I understand my purpose for being here today. After this week, I will begin a new role where I will continue to motivate and inspire that next generation of explorers. The University of Alaska, Fairbanks.Early morning at 2019 PolarTREC Orientation, Day 2.


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Regina Brinker's picture

Regina Brinker said:

Hi, Monica. I'm looking forward to following your expedition. Quite a contrast between desert and tundra. Enjoy the adventure!
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Piper Bartlett-... said:

Hi Monica! I am so jealous that you saw that moose. What a great action photo!
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Mark Goldner said:

Great photos! I'm looking forward to following your adventure!
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Alejandra Martinez said:

Great moose photo!!! So cool!
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Amanda Ruland said:

From the bottom of the earth, to the top! How amazing! I can't wait to follow your expedition!
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Claudia Rodriguez said:

Wow Monica so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I know that all that knowledge and experience you are acquiring will be shared with all the students that you so care about. Many Blessings in the journey you are embarking. Hello from New Mexico