Discovery Hut
Scott's Discovery Hut on Ross Island, Antarctica. McMurdo Science Station is only a 15-minute walk from here.



Re-Deployment Status

This seemed like an important enough topic, that it should make it on my daily journal now. This is telling us when the plane is attempting to come in and get us.

Flight Status Board
This is our flight status board.

Travel schedule
That will be a Valentine departure.

I left on this Antarctic expedition way back in December. Notice today is February 12th. One of the big lessons I have learned during these many weeks is that Antarctica is in charge. According to our plans, we should have left yesterday and been halfway home by now. We were delayed due to the bad weather slowing down the loading of the vessel the past week. We were rescheduled for today, and by now, we should be halfway to New Zealand. Not so. We were notified of another delay that would be AT LEAST 48 hours. This delay was mechanical related. I have heard that there is only one C-17 in New Zealand that is used to for transport down here, so we will just continue to have a "Science Party" here on Ross Island while repairs are made.

Photo from USAP.

Science Mystery Quiz: Think about it for a day and I'll give the answer tomorrow.

Here is an item that was located here in Antarctica. What is it, and what cool story can it tell about the history of Antarctica?

Mystery artifact.

Mountain Bike Video

Enjoy this video of a mountain bike ride with one of the fat-bikes here on station. With the wind, it was below zero. Perfect for a mountain bike ride in the Antarctic.

McMurdo Station, Antarctica


Kevin Dickerson

Thanks Janet.
The delay was a bit of a blessing. It gave me time to get a bit more into the culture of McMurdo. I made new friends during this time that I would have never gotten to know had we left on time. Going on a bike ride, trying another trail, or another evening of McMurdo night life has been a great thing. The reunion with my family and students has also been a great thing. It was worth the wait. Kevin

Janet Warburton

Hi Kevin,I'm sorry to hear about the delay as I'm sure your family and students are ready for you to be home. That being said, it looks like you might head out this weekend. I'm glad you are still finding things to learn about and share with all of us. I am very jealous of your fat tire bike ride adventure. Thanks again for sharing all the science and your view of Antarctica with us. Safe travels home -- soon!