9 January 2019 5 Days of Training Complete. The Wormherders Are Flying Into The Field Tomorrow.

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What kind of gear are you taking with you on the trip? Or, more specifically, how large is it, and will it also be dropped off separately? Are antennas involved?

Hi Ryatt.

Hi Ryatt. I am allowed two bags. One will be my pack that I will be using to hike to our sites. I am required to always carry my ECW (extreme cold weather) gear whenever away from camp. Food, water, GPS, sunglasses, first aid kit, pee bottle, and our science equipment is general equipment taken into the field. We also took our sleep kits, tent, and I packed my computer and cameras on the helicopter for the flight.

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Weighing gear,etc

Why does everything need to be weighed?

HI Mary.

HI Mary. Everything needs to be weighed, included myself, to be put on the helicopter. We flew in the large C12 helicopters, but there is still a weight limit. The pilots do great work in managing the helicopter load weight and other safety issues.

Addison Heath
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Mr. D Class

Hi Mr. D,
It looks like you are having fun! Hope everything is great. Stay warm and have a good time.
-Addison Heath A2

Hi Addison. Yep, for sure,

Hi Addison. Yep, for sure, this is one of the highlights of my life for sure. Thanks for checking in on me. You also stay warm.

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Location: McMurdo Island
Latitude: 77° 50' 24" S
Longitude: 166° 40' 12" E
Weather Summary: Partly Cloudy
Temperature: 22
Wind Speed: 5

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