7 December 2018 Twin Otter to Sabrina

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Aubrielle Costic
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Why are the planes named, "The Twin Otter?"


Aubrielle, That is another good question! That is just the name of the type of airplane. It is made by Canadian companies called "de Havilland Canada" or "Viking Air" and the plane is a DHC-6 Twin Otter. It specially designed to be a 19-passenger STOL (Short Take-off and Landing) utility aircraft. The other type of plane flown around here is called a "Basler". These are remanufactured Douglas DC-3's some of them could be 70 years old (although they have been updated and very well maintained!)

Keyonna Snedeke...
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Mr. Penn,
Do you like it down there, in Antarctica?

How long is the daytime right now in Antarctica?


Keyonna, I LOVE it here. There is so much to learn and so many interesting people to meet and so much left to do for our mission! The daytime is 6 months long! The sun won't set here again until February 20, 2019, at 01:46 AM and it won't set at the South Pole again until March 23, 2019, at 01:33 PM ! Thank you for reading my journal and taking the time to ask a question!

Abby Post
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How many

How many of these stations have you worked on?

How Many?

Abby, We have dozens on the list to be maintained and several that are on the list to be installed. The limiting factor is the weather since all of the AWS require us to fly out to where they are and often the weather just isn't good enough either here or there (wherever here or there is!). I've been to 5 sites so far but I've helped prepare equipment and hardware for lots of others that will be serviced later in the season.

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Location: Sabrina AWS, Extreme South of the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica.
Latitude: 84° 14' 49.2" S
Longitude: 170° 4' 4.8" W
Weather Summary: Cold and Windy
Temperature: -6˚
Wind Chill: -26˚
Wind Speed: 18mph

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