17 September 2018 First day back to school - taking my students to the Arctic

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Awesome follow up!

I loved your post. It is so full of good ideas for the classroom and beyond. How did you get the Google Expeditions Exploration Kit?

Sarah Bouckoms
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Teachers in video

Hi Kim, I agree that it is the people that we look for in photos. There are a million beautiful landscape photos of the polar regions but how many of them include you? Sometimes that embarrassing selfie when your hair is all messed up really brings you into the scene, then back into the classroom. I've been trying to make more educational videos in the field, did you have much luck with that? What 360 camera/video did you get? Did you receive funding for it?

360 Educational Videos

I've just started making the 360 videos in the field. I use a Theta camera and clip the footage through Quicktime. I then post and share through YouTube. Here is a link to the most recent one I created (not the best ever, but a good start).

I've found funding through various sources to purchase cameras - local and national enrichment funds. I've experimented with ones from $250-$400. Overall, I think the more expensive ones are worth it - the higher pixel quality makes a big difference.

Google Expeditions Kit

Our district was able to purchase a case of 20 last year with their technology budget - however, you can recreate most of it at a lower cost - if at least 50% of your students have working smartphones.

The VR/cardboards viewers can be purchased for $15-$75 a piece - or students can make their own.

For the content I was showing them, students needed the YouTube app on their phones (most already had it). I made the video I created public - they searched the key terms - clicked on the cardboard icon - and viola! they are transported to the permafrost tunnel. They could do the same thing with the Google Tour I used to show 360 photos (they may of had to download the google cardboard app).

The lower cost options take a little more time to set up initially, but they are very doable without a Google Expeditions Kit.

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