9 August 2018 Day 1: I arrive in Fairbanks, get supplies, and go to a bonfire

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Jeanette Moore
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Of course you were at bonfire! That’s where all permafrost and arctic scientists go to share tales. I was there too and even thought I recognized you. Sorry I did step up. Have a great field season - see you at your next visit and I will get you to take a walk in the creek.

Re: Bonfire!

Oh, I'm bummed we missed each other!! Ha ha I must have been wrapped up in my own conversations, but that's sad because I've been telling everybody I know about Arctic ground squirrels, and I want to learn more. And I will definitely take you up on that walk in the creek next time I'm in town ;)

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Latitude: 64° 50' 16.08" N
Longitude: 147° 42' 59.04" E
Weather Summary: Cool and drizzly on and off.

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