Today was my day to get everything done before leaving for the field tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I ran around, gathering my gear, shipping extra stuff I don't think I will need home, and shopping for food for the road tomorrow. The folk at Alaska Science Support, where all my gear is from, were welcoming and kind. I was welcomed to the warehouse by the sweetest pup, Lea. She got some good pets as I reflected on how much I miss my two 4-legged grrls back home.

    Lea pup
    Lea the welcoming pup.

    I picked up my mosquito gear, a winter jacket, boots, gloves, rain gear, sleeping bag, and weather-proof overalls for the field work. Fran had everything collected for me in a laundry basket and all I had to do was try stuff on and go on my way.

    Lea pup
    My Toolik girl.

    Then I headed over to the ARCUS office for new camera batteries. And finally, Fred Meyer. You can find anything and everything at this grocery chain. I grabbed some fresh fruit and some water for tomorrow's 12 1/2 hour ride. The bus company, Dalton Highway Express, told me that the bus stops for food and bathroom (outhouse) break, but I wanted to have something on hand just in case.

    My mind is racing. I have been waiting months for the expedition to begin and tomorrow is the big day. I get goosebumps just thinking about what I will experience up in the field. Tonight I will finish up my laundry, take one more shower, and try to get some sleep. 'Try' is the key word.

    Toolik Field Station



    have you found a archtic wooly bear


    Looking forward to following your journey Svea. But first you have to update your picture. We need to see the new haircut! Good luck and have fun!

    Judy Fahnestock

    We can't wait to hear more about your adventures at Toolik (and I want to see your new 'doo' too!

    Svea Anderson

    HA! With strict restrictions on water, I am only able to take a shower twice a week. I don't think I will be posting any new haircut photos. :)


    Pls send use your new hair picture bc all the class mates are wanting me to show them the new hair


    Is lea a trained sled dog What breed is she?

    Ava Cheney

    Mrs.Anderson Is there any other animals at the warehouse? and Is it hard to live in the artic?