10 June 2018 Getting PQ'd!

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Good Luck!

Yeah, they aren't as picky about the arctic folk! Sounds like a painstaking process, but you'll be fine!

Thank you! So far, so good.

Thank you! So far, so good. The physical went fine, now for the bloodwork!

Michelle H
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You will pass with flying colors!

Mike, you have been through much tougher challenges physically and mentally. I too am nervous because I too want to be able to be part of the Ice Cube Project. I think that is a good sign that we want to succeed and will do what we need to succeed. Good luck and have fun in the process. I am doing my PQ physical this week as well.

I know how you feel Michelle!

I know how you feel Michelle! The physicals are very....thorough. They check everything....and I mean everything. I hope to see you at "Pole" in December!

Kevin Dickerson
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I’m glad all you folks are

I’m glad all you folks are blazing the PQ road for me. I hope ya’ll will share your PQ test answers with me so i can also pass.

PQ test answers!

Ha! I have you covered Keith! I wrote down all of my passing answers for the Tuberculosis test, the HIV test, and several others!

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Latitude: 40° 26' 26.246" N
Longitude: 79° 59' 45.197" W
Weather Summary: Thunderstorms likely
Temperature: 75 degrees F
Wind Speed: gusts up to 35 knots

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