13 May 2018 Tundra In the Tropics

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What is the purpose of the Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer? What kind of information will you get?

Re: Michelle Hall commented on 13 May 2018 Tundra In the Tropics

Hi Michelle! Thanks for your question. As far as my understanding is now
(I'm sure I'll be more familiar once I'm in the field!) the FLIR
collects data on how the plants are using the sunlight, or how much it
is absorbing.

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Is 59 degrees the typical

Is 59 degrees the typical temperature in the summer time where these mosses grow?

Re: Keith Smith commented on 13 May 2018 Tundra In the Tropics

The growth chambers are set to simulate typical summer conditions in the
tundra. The moss looked to be the healthiest of the samples. That is one
of the things I hope to learn more about!

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