4 April 2018 "Safe Return Doubtful"

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Mrs. Chippy

Mike, This is a great journal and introduction to your expedition! You might be interested in reading this book -- Mrs. Chippy's Last Expedition --- it's the expedition from the perspective of the famous cat on board (and yes! there was a cat on the ship). Thanks for the interesting journal. Janet

Mrs. Chippy

Thanks Janet! coincidentally I'd already ordered it from Amazon yesterday! It should be here on Tuesday. It sounds like a book my students would like. Thanks!

C. Benoit
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Wow, Very interesting, Have

Wow, Very interesting, Have fun freezing

C. Benoit

That is the reaction that LOTS of people have! A long time ago, I attended the Army's Arctic training so I feel like I have a good skill set for making sure we are safe and warm. There are several good resources for how to be prepared for the cold like https://www.coolantarctica.com/ and http://dawninantarctica.blogspot.com/. I'm going to rely on Carol Costanza and Dr. Lazarra and George Hademenos from my AWS team for what I'll need in terms of clothing. They have been to Antarctica many times and I'm sure that they will have good advice. We will also be issued a full set of ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) gear at the US Antarctic Program facilities in Christ Church, New Zealand. I have no intention of freezing!

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What a find

This ad just oozes intrepidness. (it's now a word) I wonder what would happen if that ad were posted today! There is certainly something daring and exciting about it, and I imagine his journey will never be far from your mind as you explore Antarctica in a far less unknown way.

Can't wait to hear about your adventure--I'm excited for you! (and yes, envious, too!)

Re: Wendi commented on 4 April 2018 "Safe Return...


The whole PolarTREC program oozes intrepidness!  Intrepidness is definitely a word (even if my computer disagrees).  

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Location: Shaler Area School District
Latitude: 40° 26' 26.246" N
Longitude: 79° 59' 45.197" W
Weather Summary: Light snow
Temperature: 32°F (-0°C)
Wind Chill: 21°F (-6°C)
Wind Speed: W 18 G 25 mph

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