19 December 2017 Beneath the Station

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Bill Spindler
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The South Pole Gravity Station

I'm surprised that no one knows what is going on there. During my 2008 winter I decided to reveal the deep dark secret...after consulting with the friend and research associate who was responsible for the gravity and seismic projects, we obtained approval for us to have a look. Spoiler alert, it is a bit of a disappointment...but be sure to check out the link at the bottom of this page about Sir Charles Wright. He's the answer to the great trivia question: "What member of Sir Robert Falcon Scott's tragic 1910-13 Terra Nova South Pole expedition reached the South Pole and returned to tell the tale? Here's my coverage. http://southpolestation.com/trivia/00s/gravityvault.html

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Gravity station and cold

Mr. Spindler and Ms. Anderson,
That is interesting but disappointing to hear what's really in that chamber. The kids in our class were all hoping that it was something really awesome like a wormhole to another dimension or maybe the Tardis or even an alien settlement...bummer!
Fun fact is that according to the USA.gov South Pole station web site it is colder here in Pittsburgh (-10F) than it is there this morning. We know of course that this is extremely cold here and rather warm for there...but still. Your windchill is much worse than ours though. Thanks for the information mr. S. we were really curious.

Hi Bill, thanks so much for

Hi Bill, thanks so much for sharing! What an interesting read!

Larry Hurst
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-60F temp in snow/ice tunnel

Please explain why the temp. in the tunnel 50 feet below the South Pole station is a constant -60F. Why isn't it a constant 32F, like a snow cave up here in the north? Is it -60F two feet below the surface? 100 ft. below the surface? Just curious!

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