7 October 2017 Reentry

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Cassie DeFrancesco
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JOIS 2017

Hi Dave,

It was a pleasure to have met and worked with you on the Louis this past month. I enjoyed reading your dispatches! Thank you for capturing all the awesome moments. I also hope your students were inspired by the entire adventure and the science involved.


JOIS 2017

Cassie I too enjoyed our time together on the LSSL. You are doing some really interesting work. Good luck with your continued studies and future career wherever it takes you (back to the Arctic??). Just make sure you enjoy the ride. Dave

CO2 and pH Studies of the Arctic Ocean


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Location: Mi casa
Latitude: 46° 52' 19.2" N
Longitude: 113° 59' 34.8" W
Weather Summary: partly sunny, breezey, rain showers
Temperature: 55 F
Wind Speed: 10-25 mph gusts

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