21 July 2017 Upward Bound and Meeting the Research Team

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So excited!

So excited for you to begin your adventure! Me and my students will be of course be following along :)

Mike Penn
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Scintillator depolyment

Lesley, How many scintillators does the team hope to be able to put into place this winter? Will the deployment of these sensors be similar to the way the IceCube DOMs were deployed? Will you be using the hot water to drill into the ice again? My classes will be following your trip. Good Luck!

Scintillator depolyment

Hi Mike, Thanks for your interest in our project! The scintillators will be on the surface, so no drilling is required. However, there will be some trenching (1 m depth) for the cabling, but the panels will be "elevated", standing above snow surface by 1 or 2 feet. Askaryan Radar Array (ARA) personnel will be drilling to 200 m depth to deploy the antennas using a version of the hot water drill. Since this is not nearly as deep as the IceCube holes, a much smaller hot water drill will be used. Thanks for the questions, I look forward to answering more questions from you and your students!

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