Learning is never done

Last night we were fortunate to meet the crew of National Ecological Observation Network (NEON) at the airport. NEON is an NSF funded project, for the next 30 years will collect data throughout the US in their respective domain. The NEON Observatory is designed to collect from over 80 sites, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and El Paso. In Barrow, there is also a research site where data can be collected to assist not only scientists, but the community to help make decisions that range from Emergency Management to scientific research. NEON encourages the community to come up with their own questions involving climate or vegetation, all the data collected is readily available on the NEON website.

Quick stop in Barrow, Alaska.
UTEP, GVSU, and PolarTrec teacher Ruth Rodriguez, pictured with the NEON crew on a stop in Barrow, Alaska.
NEON Airborne Observation
Getting an awesome lesson on the importance of the NEON project.
The NEON plane
The NEON plane stopped at the Barrow Airstrip. The plane is equipped with sensors to collect over 2000 parameters.

Guided by Dr. Craig Tweedie, the International Tundra Experiment site (ITEX) is home to a variety of experiments, ranging from carbon flux and plant monitoring to small mammal monitoring. Situated near the Barrow Environmental Observatory, which is very near to NOAA and USGS facilities, the open tundra is home to many small mammals and snowy owls. On our trip, although we didn't see them there, evidence of them were clearly visible in holes or burrows, but also in the scat of the foxes, lemmings, and geese. Mosquitos were biting, but the winds kept them at bay.
Soup & Science
Boiled Whale and Smoked moose soup (not pictured) served while learning about nitrogen cycling in the Arctic Ocean.
Picturesque views of the open tundra and the cool breeze coming off the ocean are abundant!
Closing out the day, I got to taste smoked moose soup and boiled whale during a Soup and Science Event that allows scientists to share their research with the local community and other researchers. Another awesome day!

Weather Summary
Warm sunny day, few clouds in the distance.
64 F
Wind Speed
10 MPH


Adeena Teres

It looks like you are learning a lot and the different research projects you are learning about are extremely interesting and varied. How was the food? Did you enjoy the whale?

Ruth Rodriguez

HI Adeena-the whale was great! I'm told it doesn't taste the same when its not boiled. The food is regular-last night two of the researchers made flautas! They were delicious!