I'm in Food Heaven

I know I've snuck in a few references to food in the time I've been here, but seriously, the food is Toolik is so good it deserves its own post. My room may be slightly cold, sucking in cold air from outside every time the heat turns on, and the bathroom I generally use is a (clean, heated) outhouse (to save water), but the food is like being at Disneyland. I do like food and eating in general, and this place is both the best and worst to be at. The best, because it's so delicious. The worst, because there is such a variety of yummy treats and I have no impulse control. Like none. Before I arrived in the states all three of my field pants fit, though perhaps a little tighter than they used to, as I haven't been doing as much exercise while going to physical therapy for a tendon problem. I did eat well in Chicago and now it's all out eating at every meal. I've been here a short time and only one of my field pants really fits anymore. You would think this means that I would curb the eating, but you'd be wrong. I know better but I just can't stop. Sugar really is addictive. My goal is to move as much as possible, catching squirrels and marching for science to make up for the excess calories consumed. I suppose I could also stop having a warm breakfast and just eat yogurt, but in the meantime I've switched to wearing long underwear, fleece pants and a water/wind proff layer. More sensible for the weather, and all elastic waistbands.

Today I thought I'd just give you a bit of a feast for the senses, rather than too much detail. But the science for the day goes something like this:

Set traps. Catch squirrels. Walk a lot. If calories in > calories burned, your pants will no longer fit.

Menu Board
What's on for today?

Cereal Bar
In case you don't fancy a warm breakfast.

Lunches and dinners that are leftover can be taken out to the field for lunch the next day. There's also a sandwich bar.

I haven't even touched this yet.

All baked goods end up here.

I stick with the unsweetened tea and citrus water.

An example of one night's dinner.

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Adeena Teres

I feel the same way. The food is good and plentiful. I thought I would get here and loose weight because of the different food and the environment but instead I was introduced to cookies, dessert, and candy. The life of a field scientist is hard and enjoying a few (or many) sweet treats is the reward.