6 February 2017 High Pressure, Low Temperature

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You will be great!

There's a lot of information coming at you right now. You will pull it all together to accomplish your goals for the expedition. You also need to remember to have FUN!

Thanks Judy!

Thanks Judy! I appreciate all your support!

Felt the same three years ago.

You are doing great, Lesley, and I felt the same three years ago as I attended orientation as the 2014-2015 IceCube teacher with PolarTREC. It can feel a bit overwhelming at first, but I have no doubt you will be an amazing voice for IceCube. It has been a pleasure working with you during orientation, and I wish you the best!

Nice job on the journal! It

Nice job on the journal! It'll be fun following your expedition to the pole!

Re: Steve Kirsche commented on 6 February 2017 High Pressure,...

Thanks Steve! Looking forward to following you too!

Love your pictures. You

Love your pictures. You holding the snow is Great! I enjoyed reading your journals.

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Location: University of Alaska Fairbanks
Temperature: 7˙F

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