26 October 2016 Gordon Hamilton - Tragedy in Antarctica

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Thank you

David - thank you for sharing your Thoughts on Gordon. I imagine this was not an easy journal to write and publish, but his message and memory are important to share!

Mike Penn
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Well said.

Thank you for this journal entry. We all know Gordon as a person and the value and importance of his work so much better than any of the other articles were able to convey. Well said.

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Thank you for the wonderful tribute to Gordon with the emphasis on science and risks. No one looks to have an accident, and they are just that accidents. A life well lived is never lost, but continues on in others.

Thank you


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Location: McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Latitude: 77° 51' 0" S
Longitude: 166° 40' 0.001" E
Weather Summary: Cold and blustry
Temperature: -4°F (-20°C)
Wind Chill: -16°F (-27°C)
Wind Speed: 6mph

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