2 November 2016 Leptonychotes weddellii

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Sarah Jane Delaney
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student question

Hello Down There! The students want to know if the seals are aggressive or welcoming in nature?

Seal Nature

Great question! The seals really don't pay us much attention. The mothers of course do not like you messing with their pups but even then they are not really aggressive beyond moving towards you. Leopard seals - another variety down here - however are very aggressive towards humans both in and out of the water. The docile nature of the Weddell seals is another reason that has made them such a good animal to study for so long.

Carolyn Clifford
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My kids' question

Great pics and info! My 10 year old is curious if the seals interact with penguins and my 7 year old would like to know if sea lions are a predator of the seals.

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300 lbs. in 35 days--Holy cow

300 lbs. in 35 days--Holy cow! I wonder how that compares to other mammals--say a whale. That's amazing!

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Location: Hutton Cliffs, Antarctica
Latitude: 77° 43' 59.999" S
Longitude: 166° 52' 0.001" E
Weather Summary: Balmy! Sunny, warm(ish), and no wind
Temperature: 16°F (-9°C)
Wind Chill: None
Wind Speed: 0 mph

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