Hi Matt,

I completed my polar TREC two weeks ago after spending five weeks in Barrow, Alaska. I enjoyed the change in the weather that Barrow provided and came home to South Carolina and hot, humid conditions. Can you describe the weather there for me?


Rob Wilder

Matt Moore

Hi Rob,
I bet you had great experience in Barrow.  I would like to get up there some day.  The weather in Svalbard the last few days has been about 5-6 degrees celsius, calm winds and overcast with some drizzle.  The cloud ceiling is low, hanging  just on top, or sometimes just below the surrounding mountains, which around Svalbard are about 300 meters.  The forecast calls for rain the next few days, but I asked the young man who gave us survival suite training today ( an incredible experience to be floating in the Barents sea!) and he assured us that sunny days would follow.  We'll see.  It is the wet season, but beautiful none the less.  Take care and thanks for writing.