PolarTREC opens windows to exciting, cutting-edge polar science for educators (formal and informal), researchers, classrooms, and the public. Join PolarTREC and discover the Polar Regions! There are many ways to participate in PolarTREC.

After wrapping up several Arctic expeditions this summer, we are excited to announce that we are supporting our 2020 educators and teams on their PolarTREC expeditions to Antarctica starting this fall. We hope you will join us virtually by reading journals, posting comments, participating in live events from the field, and learning more about the polar regions!

We expect one additional NSF-funded Arctic PolarTREC educator to deploy on their expedition in 2023, after which the PolarTREC funding and grant will end. ARCUS will, however, continue to be actively engaged in education-research collaborations; building community; sharing successes; and supporting alumni, teachers, researchers, and the broader community.

Even though we won’t be recruiting educators anymore, we hope that you will continue to visit the PolarTREC website to find new resources, lesson plans (including virtual lessons), and the latest news on our program.

Follow the Expeditions!

PolarTREC teacher Dena Rosenberger at the Adelie penguin rookery near McMurdo St
PolarTREC teacher Dena Rosenberger at the Adelie penguin rookery near McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Anyone can participate in PolarTREC by following the educators and researchers on their expeditions through the Virtual Base Camp. Virtual learning expeditions allow you to communicate directly with PolarTREC educators and researchers in the field, read educators' journals, ask questions to the team, view photo albums, and access classroom activities, podcasts, and video files. The Polar Regions are just a click away!

Participate in PolarConnect events!

A live event aboard the Oden with PolarTREC Teacher Jeff Peneston.
A live event aboard the Oden with PolarTREC Teacher Jeff Peneston.
PolarConnect transports students and the public to remote polar locations to learn about exciting polar science through real-time Internet presentations from the field. PolarConnect utilizes a videoconference platform called Zoom that supports online slide presentations, voiceover IP, audio, and text chat functions to allow for interaction with teachers and researchers during their PolarTREC expeditions. PolarConnect participants have the unique opportunity to ask questions to educators and leading researchers studying the polar regions. Participation and all materials are free! Learn more about PolarConnect and register for upcoming events here.

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Become an individual member of the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States and contribute to PolarTREC and other education and outreach programs. Membership in ARCUS enables you to participate in the world’s leading community promoting discovery and understanding of the Arctic and informing sound decisions related to the Arctic. Your support and contributions enable interdisciplinary thinking, acting, and education that lead to the development of highly collaborative partnerships. ARCUS members form the core of our extensive network, which enables an increased understanding of this critical and dynamic region. Our members include organizations and individuals who are making valuable contributions to Arctic research.

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