Join us for Two Upcoming PolarConnect Events

Denise and Amy at work on their expeditions

PolarTREC educator Denise Hardoy will be live on Wednesday, 20 November at 8:15 AM AKST (9:15 AM PST, 10:15 AM MST, 11:15 AM CST, 12:15 PM EST) to discuss her experience on the team studying Antarctic Fish Development Under Future Ocean Conditions. You can read more about what Denise is learning here.

Educator Amy Osborne will be presenting about her research experience at McMurdo Station on Friday, 22 November at 8:30 AM AKST (9:30 AM PST, 10:30 AM MST, 11:30 AM CST, 12:30 PM EST). Amy is working on the team researching the Thermal Sensitivity of Embryos and Larvae of Antarctic Marine Ectotherms.

Expedition Timeline

Use the interactive timeline below to explore with the new cohort of educators and researchers!

2019 Expedition Timeline

Latest Journals

12 November 2019 Adventure and Danger Across the Ice

By: Amy Osborne
Person with arms raised on a snow machine on the sea ice. A volcanic mountain is in the background.
"Going off the rails on a crazy train" -Ozzy Osbourne I revved the engine and took off sliding a bit, getting a feel for how to navigate the skis across the snow and ice. I love driving things and yesterday I found out a snow machine is yet another thing I like to drive. I love being able to look…

10 November 2019 SnoMo Adventure

By: Denise Hardoy
Denise Hardoy riding her Snowmobile to Cape Evans
SnowMos!!! Today was an epic adventure. I got to go on snomos out to Cape Evans to see Robert F. Scott's Terra Nova Hut. Denise Hardoy riding her Snowmobile to Cape Evans We met after brunch...which was amazing prime rib by the way. The day was a sunny but crisp 18 degrees with very little wind…

10 November 2019 Looking Closer

By: Amy Osborne
Early stage of nudibranch development
There was a sea spider that was so slow Even the snail was yelling hey, let's go! The sea spider doesn't worry It's never in a hurry There are some secrets that spider must know. ** The sea spiders one heart is so weak It's so quiet it doesn't make a squeak It's guts move it's blood I…

8 November 2019 A Californian's Guide to Winter Wear

By: Jocelyn Argueta
The IceCube Neutrino Observatory. Photo by Kate Miller.
A Californian's Guide to Winter Wear I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life. I rarely travel to cold places. In fact, on my visit to Madison, WI I bought a new sweater because the weather said an average of 45 degrees F. To give you a better idea of the weather I’m used to, it is…

1 November 2019 Visiting Madison, WI

By: Jocelyn Argueta
Jocelyn in the CAVE at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery
Visiting Madison, WI I finally got to meet the IceCube Lab in person! I traveled to Madison, Wisconsin a couple weeks ago and earned a few badges toward becoming a true IceCube-er. What is IceCube? It's the lab I'll be joining on my trip to the South Pole. A lot of labs and projects are happening…

8 November 2019 Cute short video of Weddell Seals and Pups

By: Bridget Ward
A Weddell seal and pup out on the sea ice near McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Photo by Alex Eilers.
Hi Everyone, Check out this cute short video I made with a few video clips and pictures of Weddell seals, I hope you enjoy!

PolarTREC Updates

The work of professor Bryon Crump, graduate student Natasha Christman, and PolarTREC teacher David Walker is highlighted in the weekly newsletter of the Oregon State University College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (On the Horizon).

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Live event on 14 October 2019 with PolarTREC educator Katie Gavenus aboard the Russian R/V Federov as part of the MOSAiC Expedition. Katie spoke with and answered questions from students at Brevig Mission school in Alaska.

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What is PolarTREC?

STEM at the Poles! Research Experiences for Formal and Informal Educators in the Polar Regions is the newest iteration of PolarTREC. The educators (formal and informal) come from the United States and spend 3-6 weeks participating in hands-on field research experiences in the Arctic or Antarctica, working side by side with scientists. STEM at the Poles is professional development for educators across all Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines connecting them to the polar regions and the research community; developing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) resources; and changing how they teach STEM in both informal and formal learning environments. PolarTREC is funded through awards from the National Science Foundation and administered by the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS).

Image: The 2019 PolarTREC Cohort and project management team pose for a photo outside the Syun-Ichi Akasofu Building on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus during orientation week.

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