2014-2015 PolarTREC Researcher Application


Status message

Submissions for this form are closed.

We are not currently accepting applications for the 2015-16 field seasons. Please contact info [at] polartrec [dot] com if you are interested in staying updated in this year's selection process.

Thank you for your interest in hosting a teacher on your field research project. Your commitment to linking polar research with education is an important contribution to both the research and education communities and the goals of the National Science Foundation (NSF). PolarTREC will use the information you provide in your application to select research projects and teachers that match in interest and availability.

If you are unable to meet this deadline or do not yet know about your project's funding, but are interested in applying to host a teacher, please contact the PolarTREC Project Managers (info [at] polartrec [dot] com) to discuss your individual situation.

Before you start your application, please review the following PolarTREC program documentation:

Application Instructions:

  1. Please read all of the application questions before filling out the online form. Information submitted online will not be saved in the form for later editing or additions. If you need to make changes to your application, you will have the opportunity to do so via email after you submit your application. If you would like, you may download the Microsoft Word application below, fill in your responses, and then copy and paste them into the web form.

  2. We prefer that applicants already have secured funding for their research project. However, if your request for funding is pending you can still apply to host a teacher. If this is your case, please contact the PolarTREC Project Managers at info [at] polartrec [dot] com to discuss your individual situation.

  3. Answer each question as thoroughly as possible. We will contact you if additional information is needed.

  4. If you are applying to work exclusively with a teacher you already know, please read this additional information and jointly complete the Supplementary Questions for Preexisting Teacher – Researcher Teams.

IMPORTANT! The web form DOES NOT save answers. Do not close the form or browse away from the form to another website while you are filling it out since it will not save your information.

Download Application: Researcher Application in Microsoft Word Format

If you have any questions, contact ARCUS at info [at] polartrec [dot] com or call 907-474-1600.